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Temp Monitor 1.0.2 for Mac 破解版 – CPU温度提醒工具

Temp Monitor for Mac 是一款不显眼的CPU温度提醒工具,它会在Mac过热时提醒您,并且当处理器超出可能对Mac和您自己都有危险的温度时,帮助您记录所有实例的完美实用工具,如果您使用的是MacBook或MacBook Pro

Temp Monitor application is a discreet tool that will alert you when your Mac from overheating and perfect utility to help you record all instances when the processor goes beyond a temperature that could be dangerous for both your Mac and for you if you are using a MacBook or MacBook Pro.

• Support for customizable overheating temperature
• notification Center integration and automatic recording of all alerts overheating





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