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Smultron 10.1.1 for Mac 破解版 – 简单的文本编辑工具

Smultron 是很快很容易上手的,因为它被设计成直观简易的使用界面,并且拥有许多有用的编辑工具,用来编辑你的文字,这样您所有打开的文档都很方便。Smultron 支持多语言界面同时存储您的文件在iCloud中并访问他们所有的MaciPhone和iPad,它拥有所有你想要的,当你需要它们的强大功能 !

[Smultron 在 Mac App Store 上售价人民币68元]

Smultron 10 is a sleek and powerful editor text that is easy to use.
You can use Smultron 10 to create or edit any text document. Everything from a web page, a note or script to any text or code.

Smultron 10 is very easy to use, fast and powerful technologies used as the autosave. It helps you do what you want to do unmolested. So you can save time and get things done. Use Smultron 10 for all your needs text.

• Smultron 10 is designed to be intuitive and easy to use
• Edit your text with many useful and powerful tools
• All your documents are easily accessible
• Use Smultron 10 in their own language, as it is translated into many languages
• Store your documents in iCloud and access them on all your Macs
• It has all the features you want when you need them , such as syntax coloring for over 130 code languages, regular expressions, commands, text fragments, folding text line numbers, document comparison and many, many more

the new Smultron 10 is the best Smultron of all time and has the following new features:
• Folders: easy access to all documents within a folder
• dark Mode
• faster
• New support for syntax Ansible, Gravity, Idris and typescript
• Improved accessibility, preview, tabs and syntax coloring
• Optimized for High Sierra macOS
• Many, many other improvements and bug fixes





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