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QuizMaker Pro 2018.2 for Mac 破解版 – 问卷测试软件

QuizMaker Pro 2018 Mac版是一款功能强大的评估测试软件。它可以在单个测试中生成,管理,评分和存档测试或测验,包含多达11种不同类型的问题。该程序可以用来打印每个版本的单个测试的多个版本和回答键。QMPro将管理您的测试,并提供个人,班级或测试的详细分数分析。考试可以在网上下载和学生采取。

QuizMaker Pro 2018 is an application with all the features that generates, administers, scores and archives tests or quizzes with up to 11 different types of questions in one test. The program can be used to print multiple versions of a single test with answer keys for each version. QMPro administer your tests and provide a detailed analysis of scores by individual, class or test analysis. The tests can be placed online for students to download them and take.

Possible uses of QuizMaker Pro 2018:

In the classroom …
… creates classes to group your students. QMPro store evidence. Enable tests as you need or set a single test that everything will be done. Analyze the scores of students, see what questions are being lost, keep track of how each student is performing.

At school …
… with a site license, place all data on a LAN server. Installed on client computers connected to the LAN. Students are grouped by classes for the convenience of the teacher. View and analyze all the scores from any computer on the LAN (password protected).

In the House…
… take practice exams, review materials for the class. Learn a new topic testing you . The new ‘Practice mode’ allows the user to view the correct answers immediately. A great tool for homeschoolers.

In the office …
… configured on individual computers or a LAN, QMPro is an excellent tool for assessments and employee training. Add numbers / identification of employees to class lists for easy tracking. Email or print scores of users to keep records.

For the individual …
… QMPro is a great tool to study these important exams. Use the ‘Practice mode’ for immediate comment. Enable multiple takes of a particular test to track your improvement over time. Check all faults or entire test after completing one shot. Create a new test with just your missed questions.





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