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Paragon NTFS 15.1.70 for Mac 破解版 – 跨硬盘格式的读取软件

Paragon NTFS 是一款非常棒的跨硬盘格式的读取软件。简单说就是有了它,Mac可以实现读取Windows读取格式的文件,进而实现跨平台数据交流

Paragon NTFS for mac破解版你可以实现对对NTFS——Windows PC的主要文件系统——提供极少支持。您无法在NTFS分区中创建、删除或者修改文件或文件夹,而仅仅只能读取。通过Paragon的 Mac OS X专用NTFS,您可以在Mac OS X下全读/写访问NTFS的任何分区。

Using a Mac® is a wonderful experience, until you try to use an NTFS-formatted drive, like most Windows hard drives. Therefore, to create, delete or modify any files on Windows NTFS drives, Paragon NTFS for Mac® need. In a few minutes, neither will he remember he had a problem. Remove all barriers between NTFS and HFS + in a simple and reliable way.

Efficiency is everything
NTFS for Mac® is the fastest application in the world, achieving speeds of native drivers, and is the first solution to support OS X El Capitan

Install it and let it run: that simple
You can access Windows partitions on your Mac® so naturally you will forget where you are actually

Security matters
NTFS for Mac® Paragon offers an unobstructed data exchange between Windows® and Mac® even under intense workload.





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