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Hands Off! 3.2.6 for Mac 破解版 – 防火墙软件

Hands Off!是一款Mac上强大易用的防火墙软件,Hands Off! 是我认为最好用的一款轻量级防火墙软件,能够控制所有应用的网络连接和文件系统访问,保护我们的隐私数据系统安全性,除了保护数据安全外,还可用于阻止软件的验证链接,推荐安装!

[Hands Off! 在官网上售价49.99美元,约合人民币300元]

Hands Off !, monitors the connections your computer to the Internet. 
Hands Off! It is an application that allows us to control Internet connections that applications installed on our team perform. Can custom – define rules for each application.

When an application accesses the Internet Hands Off! It displays a window in which we can give permission or not, even if we are permitted access only once, until we close the application or forever.
Hands Off! allows you to block not only outgoing connections but incoming also block the solution domain names and the most interesting: prevent access to our files by applications (preventing unauthorized access to data) and block operations reading and writing .





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