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CleanMyMac 3.9.4 for Mac 破解版 – 系统清理工具

CleanMyMac 是一套非常强大的工具、清除暂存、临时记录并删除不必要的语言档案,该实用工具可以安全地删除应用程式和组件。许多应用程式取消后,留在通常的方式「结余」许多地方,系统,实用程式可能会 CleanMyMac 点选几下滑鼠删除这些不需要的档案。

CleanMyMac 3 is the new version of a very popular tool that helps users to clean, optimize and keep their Macs in good condition. To achieve this, it offers a series of actions that help all of this without the user having to get too complicated. Well, it really does not complicate anything because the only action is to click on the appropriate button.

CleanMyMac 3 is not an essential application but it facilitates many tasks that would take us more than a click to do them on our own

The good thing about CleanMyMac 3 is that at the click of a button we can perform a maintenance or cleaning that in many cases will be useful. Mainly the functions of System Trash, Uninstaller and Large Files. With these three you can take good control of the health of our Mac, especially if we suffer a bit of digital Diogenes syndrome.

In short, if you do not want complications CleanMyMac 3 seems more than recommended.

Requires Intel Mac OS X 10.9 or later.





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