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ChronoSync 4.8.5 + ChronoAgent 1.8 for Mac 破解版 – 文件数据同步备份工具


[ChronoSync 在官网上售价49.99美元,约合人民币300元]

Timings manager equipped with a powerful control panel.
Equipped with a panel scan synchronization as comprehensive, ChronoSync provides us with powerful management capabilities and identification data, preparation of rules and guidelines for timing, navigation, status check and restore data, along with a tight core and Flexible planning syncs in the background, automatically.

ChronoSync is an ideal application for synchronizing files between hard drives, external, or between server devices and any computer, not just a Mac. The process of an interface that acts as a wrapper documents synchronization, one sync with your specific guidelines and information about their planning.

From synchronizations of a general nature to complex synchronizations, ChronoSync takes care of everything. ChronoSync creates multiple documents synchronization, one event to process them separately , but it is also possible to encapsulate some of encircling a joint for processing, and automatically in the background.





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