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Playr 2.4 破解版 – 极简视频播放器


Playr 是一个超级简单的视频播放器,你不用安装其他任何插件或功能就能观看你喜欢的视频。Playr 界面干净简约,可以播放多种视频文件格式,并且能够快速查找字幕。


Playr was made exclusively to focus on your video viewing experience. It is not packed with extra features for organizing files or make playlists and such. You do not need to install any accessory or plug-ins to view your favorite movies, it just works. Playr has been carefully developed using the latest technologies available with meticulous attention to detail. Its user interface is clean, elegant and easy to use. I hope you enjoy it!

Main features

– Play almost any video file without additional system extensions or plug-ins.

– Does not depend on or AVFoundation QuickTime for playback.

– Loads and automatically displays embedded captions or subtitles from external files.

– Smart integrated into the search engine to find subtitles … subtitles movie or TV show in a breeze.

– Supports all major subtitle formats.

– Supports style tags subtitle file as italic, bold and underlined.

– Supports subtitles from right to left languages such as Hebrew.

– Fully customizable display subtitles (font, size, color, shadows, etc).

– Convenient inspector automatically extracting metadata information from the network … with links to IMDB.

– Inspector detailed film for all those nitty gritty details.

– Graphical User Interface Retina.

– Subtitles resolution Retina Retina on your Mac.

– Integrated Player (of course) full screen.

– Built for OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

– Native 64 – bit.














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