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Default Folder X 5.3.7 破解版 – 实用的菜单栏快速访问工具


Default Folder X 是一款Mac上非常实用的菜单栏快速访问工具,能够自动记忆用户最近打开的目录,在菜单栏可以快速访问,此外,还支持用户自定义添加目录,支持多级目录的显示和快捷键的调用,非常的方便!

Default Folder X 将一个工具栏连接到打开的右边,并在任何OS X-本机应用程序中保存对话框。工具栏提供了快速访问各种文件夹和命令的功能。你只需点击按钮就可以进入你最喜欢的和最近使用的文件夹,管理列表中显示的文件夹和文件,并对你的设置做出改变。它还在打开和保存对话框中修复了许多问题,“反弹”到最后选中的文件,将路径列表放回到顶部菜单中,并在滚动的列视图中纠正错误。

Improvements to the Open and Save menus OS X. Default Folder X is added to the Open and Save Mac OS X menus that will save you time.

With Default Folder X you’ll have instant access to the folders you use most, thus saving documents in them without having to browse the entire hard drive. It also has a history of frequently used folders Default Folder X also has the ability to add labels to better find a file using Spotlight, as well as a menu with shortcuts for the menu bar.

Time-saving features Assistant Directory Access your recent, favorite , and open folders from the DFX toolbar. Hierarchical pop -up menus let you quickly navigate through folders to access your files. Real time saver If you constantly keeps things within the same folder, DFX can remember that folder for you. Or you can set it as the default folder for an application to be in the correct folder from the beginning. Search engine management DFX lets you open or save to any Finder window with one click. It also allows you to get information, duplicate, rename and delete existing files, putting the Finder power in every Open and Save dialog. instant recovery To help you quickly return to folders and files you have recently used, DFX remembers them for you. Even reselect the last file you opened. With DFX, you never forget where you put something. At your fingertips Get places quickly using keyboard shortcuts to your favorite folders. Or jump to recent folders and open Finder windows with a keystroke. DFX shortcuts are fully configurable. Spotlight on site Label your files or edit your comments Spotlight from any Open or Save dialog box. You do not remember which tags you used before? DFX shows you all your tags recently used, just drag and drop.














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