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Mellel 4.1.5 破解版 – 领先的文字处理程序


Mellel for mac是Mac os平台上的一款帮助用户在办公或者写作中快速处理文字的Mac办公软件,Mellel for mac使用简单,界面人性,支持调整文字大小、加标脚注、设置对齐方式、绘制表格、选择背景和文字颜色等等功能。

Mellel is a sophisticated and reliable processor texts, proven, specially designed to handle long and complicated, books, manuscripts , papers, theses, etc.

Mellel is equipped with a great set of tools for the job, allowing you to control every little aspect of your footnotes, change control, cross – references, tables of contents, quotes, pictures, bibliography, classification, styles, lists, and so on; while keeping things under control through its large panel of schemes.

FEATURES General • A hard worker with long documents • Dependable and reliable • Provides multilingual support real –

Tools Advanced Writing: • The best tools for footnotes and endnotes • Excellent features crosstabs • titles and headings sophisticated • Excellent supporting literature • Indexes • Word count • Paragraph Styles • Character Styles • Support for graphics and images • Headers (chapter titles)

Managing your document • outline View • reliable control changes • Sets styles for organizing styles • Find and replace anything













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