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Mate Translate 6.0.6 破解版 – 多国语言实时翻译工具


Mate – best Instant Translator for Mac是全新的一款翻译软件,Mate Translate Mac破解版支持100种以上的语言翻译,支持文字转语音功能,Mate Translate Mac版运行在菜单栏,使用方便,轻松帮你翻译单词和短语。

Stop translation into pages and start using Mate! Select the text and translate any application. Join other 550,000 users worldwide already using Mate. Kill 103 languages can understand! Translate words and texts quickly and easily simply by selecting them in any other application. Create your own dictionary of phrases and has a dictionary of words from other countries handy when you need it ! Stop using lots of different applications to help you translate languages and use only Mate!

TRANSLATE DIFFERENT LANGUAGES • Mate understands 103 languages and also teaches you to pronounce words correctly. • Get translations from Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian and many more! • See phonetic translation and transliteration of words and texts. • Mate can pronounce the words and texts with the right to help you learn faster accent. CREATE A CUSTOM PHRASES DICTIONARY • language learners and travelers! Create a custom list of words in each language and keep it handy when you need it . • phrasebook Mate – Easily create and organize lists of words that are available even offline. MATE USE ANYWHERE • Stop browse web pages translation while reading an article in Safari or editing a document in Pages. I simply use Mate wherever you are! • Select any text and get an application by pressing the “Translate with Mate” in the context menu button translation. SYNCHRONIZE TRANSLATIONS on all your devices • Keep all data from your dictionary and translations synchronized across all your devices. • Automatically synchronize your data between all iPhones, and Macs browsers.

No matter what you need to translate a word, a book or message from a friend, no strings attached! Now “Matéalo” means “Come on man, simply use this amazing app and forget about the web pages of translation.” Use Mate for all your translation needs! Mate Download today and get your assistant definitive translation!



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