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CISDEM AppCrypt 4.1.0 破解版 – 应用加锁保护您的应用程序


Cisdem AppCrypt旨在通过确保您是唯一的主人,以保护您的应用程序。这是很容易使用:只需设置一个密码和应用添加到锁列表,并没有其他人将能够访问受保护的应用程序没有正确的密码。你再也不用担心窥探的眼睛,当你与他人分享你的Mac。您还可以防止你的孩子通过设置加密特定时间段访问在时间不当的应用程序。更重要的是,它跟踪失败的尝试,并提供对应用程序的名称,日期,时间,操作,并通过前置摄像头拍摄的快照报告。

[Cisdem AppCrypt 在 Mac App Store上售价人民币68元]

Block access to your most compromised by key applications. 

If you have any software installed on your Mac when you would not like to enter anyone without your consent, you either because there contained confidential information or simply because they just want your privacy respected, appreciate the existence of an application like CISDEM AppCrypt.

This tool will allow you to protect access to any program on your computer password in a fairly simple way. Just choose a general key to AppCrypt and individually select which programs you want to block so no one can enter freely to consult them are.

Thus, with a single password will have the possibility to restrict access to tools such as the web browser, your favorite chat tool, any particularly violent game for members of the family under age or, for example, applications download if This is a computer installed on a workstation.

CISDEM AppCrypt utilities can be varied, and as both installation and operation are quite simple, in just a few minutes can improve the privacy of your Mac in a fairly simple way.












  1. 如遇:「xxx.app已损坏,打不开。你应该将它移到废纸篓」,并非你安装的软件已损坏,而是Mac系统的安全设置问题。详见:MAC应用无法打开或文件损坏的处理方法
  2. 如遇:「无法确认开发者身份,无法打开」,并非你安装的软件已损坏,而是Mac系统的安全设置问题。详见:打开身份不明开发者的应用程序方法
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