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Luminar Flex 破解版 – PS/Lr插件专业图像后期处理软件


Luminar Flex Mac破解版是mac上一与Adobe Photoshop,Lightroom Classic,Photoshop Elements,macOS Photos和Apple Aperture配合使用的专业图像后期处理软件。Luminar Flex包含独立Luminar软件内部已有的几种工具。Accent AI是一次单击编辑,在确定要调整的内容之前分析图像的问题。 详细信息增强器可提高清晰度,而Foliage Enhancer则专注于绿化。 除了修正工具外,Flex还内置了多种风格工具,包括黄金小时滤镜,柔和发光的Orton效果和图像光泽,营造出“梦幻般”的外观。

Luminar Flex – A new addition for most photo editing tools that works as a plugin, extension, or external editor. Luminar Flex means that if you choose to stick with your current workflow, you can still use Luminar’s AI tech and creative image editing tools.

Luminar Flex comes with Accent AI, which analyzes photos and applies adjustments to like color and tone in seconds. The sliders will let photographers dial those details back based on personal taste.

Accent AI: Automatically analyzes and corrects photographs using more than a dozen controls at once. Accent AI can be a great substitute for several traditional controls such as shadows, highlights, contrast and more. Think of it as the best Auto button you’ve ever clicked, but you still maintain control.”

AI Sky Enhancer: Turn gray and uninspired skies into something magical with AI Sky Enhancer. By automatically detecting the sky in a photograph, AI Sky Enhancer makes the necessary adjustments to increase color, clarity, and detail, allowing to boost your outdoor images with a single slider.”

Details Enhancer: Creates dramatic photos with crystal-clear sharpness. This filter unlocks details for sharp looking images without halos or artifacts.”

Golden Hour: Brings a warm-toned sunlit effect to your photo This filter emulates the shooting conditions when the sun is low on the horizon (such as shortly after sunrise or before sunset). This indirect light helps make even dull photos warmer and more dimensional.”

Orton Effect: Allows enhancements to an image that include glow and focus. This produces a unique look that’s both sharp and blurry at the same time. It’s perfect to create an emotional feeling in a picture.”

Image Radiance: Gives an overall ‘dreamy’ look by adding a glow to the lighter areas of the image. This is a great filter to use for portraits and even landscape photos to create soft, saturated results.”

Foliage Enhancer: Elevate colors often found in spring grass and fall leaves to make landscape photographs that pop off the screen.”

LUT Mapping: Apply Lookup Table (LUT) files for creative color grading and film stock emulation.”

Luminar Looks: More than 70 one-click Looks give photographers a speedy jump-off point for creative explorations. Easily dial in the right look with the Amount slider or customize the recipe and save a new Look.”

The Luminar Flex works in the following host applications Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC Photoshop Elements Photos for macOS Apple Aperture Compatibility: OS X 10.11 or later 64-bit

Web Site: https://skylum.com/luminar-flex



Luminar Flex






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