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Movavi PDF Editor 2.3.0 破解版 – 优秀的PDF编辑工具


哪款PDF编辑器好用?Movavi PDF Editor 的界面简洁,轻松帮你阅读和编辑PDF文件,功能齐全,还支持PDF页面导出功能,可以帮助我们快速查看PDF文件、快速编辑PDF文件,简单易用,很不错!!

[Movavi PDF Editor 在官网售价14.95美元,约合人民币90元]

Are you looking for a PDF reader for Mac with good editing tools? Most of the software for Mac you can find online to download is not so great. Free desktop applications generally lack advanced options and have inadequate formatting tools and highest quality programs can be paid out of the question because of its high price. We decided to combine the best features of OS X PDF editors available without the inconvenience of reaching a Mac PDF Editor you like. Create and update draft contract, merge multiple scans into PDF files, and much more!

PDF and image display

Standard read PDF documents on Mac computers: text documents, articles, forms, brochures and more Open images in PNG or JPG format. Switch between tabs open documents Scale pages from 25% to 400%. Editing documents

Add, remove and delete pages. Create new documents from selected pages. Rotate and rearrange pages within a document Complete ready to use legal forms; Apply digital signatures and seals. JPG and PNG insert images into PDF pages; resize images, orientation and position on a page File Merger

Export documents, images and projects from Word, Excel, Photoshop or AutoCAD as PDF, then open them and combine them into PDF files Editor. Create a single PDF document to store scans receipts or monthly reports Combine JPG scans in a PDF file after scanning a large document with a scanner with a small amount of memory No need to re-scan a large document if one or two pages will not be scanned correctly: scan only those pages again and add them to the original PDF file Exportation of page

Save the contents of individual PDF pages larger documents as separate PDF files Extracted pages as JPG or PNG Save images as PDF pages














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