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Primomusic Pro 1.6.1 破解版 – iOS多媒体文件管理工具


PrimoMusic for Mac是一款能够帮助您轻松管理您的iPhone,iPad和iPod上所有的音乐,电影和所有媒体内容的iOS多媒体文件管理工具。PrimoMusic破解版 mac为您提供了简单直观的界面和强大的功能,可以更加有效的管理您的iPhone,iPad和iPod,有需要的小伙伴快来看看吧!

Simply a better transfer iPhone music. PrimoMusic makes it super easy to manage your music, movies and all the media on your iPhone, iPad and iPod. Copying music to / from any Apple device made simple, fast, even without the hassle of iTunes.

A lifeguard to save your iPhone iPod Music Just recovered from a system failure, or switched to a new computer, and would like to rebuild your music collection? PrimoMusic allows you to recover your music, movies, podcasts and more, in a simple and flexible way to instantly migrate from iPhone, iPad or iPod to your computer. Connect an Apple device to your computer, launch PrimoMusic, find and choose the content you want to export by song, playlist or album, tap more and be ready to recover your lost content from iPhone, iPad and iPod . Put music on your iPod iPhone without iTunes Do your favorite songs are stored on multiple computers, but your iPod or iPhone can be synchronized with only one of them? PrimoMusic helps transfer your music, movies, TV shows , podcasts, iTunes U, audio books and more directly on your Apple devices without the hassle of iTunes. This way, you will not care for its original multimedia content on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, it is overwritten. Redownload iTunes purchases to any computer we believe you’ve invested a lot of money and time on iTunes Store, App Store or iBookstore, but still you worry that your purchased items are lost. PrimoMusic will help you make backups on any computer without authorization tedious iTunes. Rebuild iTunes library ITunes is the best way to organize and enjoy your podcasts, movies and TV programs, especially music with personalized playlists, ratings and play counts. In the event a “disaster” unexpected in your iTunes library, PrimoMusic offers two simple and effective solutions to help rebuild occurs. Intelligent Transfer Built with intelligent personality inside PrimoMusic understand what content already exists in your iTunes library. It will filter all duplicates and only get the unique elements in your device ready for transfer. Therefore, all you need to do is make a finger touch to initiate the transfer. Manual transfer You want to make a broader classification of the files you want to transfer? Go to the Manual Transfer option. It allows you to manually collect music, movies or other media items and then selectively add to your iTunes library, saving the problem of duplicate or unwanted tracks in your library.



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