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Pixelmator Pro 1.3.2 破解版 – 图像处理软件


Pixelmator Pro是一款MMac平台上的图像处理软件,其主要功能和Adobe系列的photoshop类似,支持常见的PSD、TIFF、JPEG、PNG、PDF、EPS 等图形文件格式,以及足可与 Photoshop匹配的选取、渐变、笔刷、填充、裁切,甚至魔术棒工具等功能,和 50 多种专业的滤镜,以及系统预设的调色板以及字体资源。同时,Photo Browser还可以让用户直接从 iPhoto 导入相片。

Pixelmator Pro is an image editor incredibly powerful, beautiful and easy to use designed exclusively for Mac.

With a wide range of editing tools nondestructive images of professional level, Pixelmator Pro allows you to get the best out of your photos, create compositions and magnificent, drawing, painting, apply stunning effects, design beautiful text and edit images in most any way you can imagine designs.

• Pixelmator Pro is now fully compatible with macOS Mojave.

• A new beautiful luminous appearance lets you experience Pixelmator Pro in a completely new way: changes the appearance anytime preferences Pixelmator Pro.

• Use ML Enhance to automatically improve the appearance of any picture using a machine learning algorithm trained in millions of professional photos.

• Batch process images with five powerful Pixelmator actions in Automator Pro application: apply color adjustments to images, apply effects to images, automatically enhance images automatically change the white balance and change the type of image.

• Create graphics and even more rich and vibrant designs with SVG fonts color: Color Gilbert font is included with this update.

• With support for continuity camera, you can now take pictures with your iPhone and have them appear instantly in Pixelmator Pro document you are editing.


• Pixelmator Pro interface has been refined to match more with the appearance of light and dark macOS mode.

• Compatibility with the accent color means that the buttons and sliders Pixelmator Pro now match your preferences.

• You can now change the background color of the window in Pro Pixelmator Pixelmator Pro preferences.

• Pixel Paint tool now has a draft mode.


• After hide and show the Options panel Pixelmator Pro tool, certain buttons may not be updated when the Arrange tool is used. Fixed

• When moving within the text field brush size to resize retouching tools and distortion, the ratio between the brush size and speed of movement was incorrect. Fixed.

• When opening images without information PPI, the PPI is set to 72 by default, instead of 150.

• Close a document while the quick selection tool is used could cause Pixelmator Pro to quit unexpectedly. Fixed.

• The color selection tool did not work properly on all images. Fixed.













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