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iWatermark Pro 2.5.3 破解版 – 图片水印批量添加工具


Mac上添加水印专家iWatermark Pro for Mac推荐给大家,支持图片批量添加水印、重命名、缩放大小、缩略图、元数据编辑。需要添加水印的朋友必备软件哦!

[iWatermark Pro在官网售价30美元,约合人民币180元]

Protect your digital photos and artwork. Secure and protect your photos. If you share photos via Facebook, Instagram, etc., anyone can steal them and use them. Do not be fooled, even a very small brand digital water will help protect your intellectual property. Myriad features. Used by beginners, professionals and corporations.

6 types of watermarks. Text, graphic, QR, signature, metadata and steganographic.

Compatibility Works with all Nikon, Canon, Sony, smartphones, cameras etc.

Batching unique watermark or batch multiple photos simultaneously.

Metadata watermarks Create watermarks using metadata like author, copyright , and keywords.

Steganographic Watermarks Add watermarks our patented StegoMark for embedding invisible information in a photo.

QR Code Watermarks Create the application url QR codes, email or other information to use as watermarks.

Text watermark Create watermarks text with different fonts, sizes, colors, angles, etc.

Graphic water marks Creates marks using transparent graphics water graphics files.

Database of all watermarks Keep all watermarks in a place for you and your business.

Water exclusive brands Use your signature as a watermark like the famous painters.

Multiple simultaneous water marks Select and apply multiple different watermarks in a photo (s).

Add metadata Watermark using your copyright, name, URL, email, etc. to photos.

Watermark box Select one or more watermarks drawer.

GPS location data Keep or remove GPS metadata for privacy.

Resizing photos In both versions, Mac and Win, photos can be resized.

Quick Use GPU, CPU and parallel processing to accelerate the watermark.

Export formats on Mac and Win exported to jpg, png, tiff, RAW, etc.

Protect and protect photos It uses many different techniques watermark to protect your photos.

Warn Thieves A watermark reminds people that a picture is the intellectual property of someone.

Photo browsers Compatible with Adobe Lightroom, iPhoto, Aperture and all other browsers.

Cloud watermark Use PhotoNotary to export, backup and share all your watermarks in the cloud.

Special effects Special effects for pre and post processing photos.

Multilingual application Watermark on any localized language for many languages.



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