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Affinity Designer CR2 破解版 – 专业的图形设计工具


Affinity Designer 是一款Mac上专业的图形设计工具,其功能可以和强大的PhotoShop相媲美,也受到苹果官方推荐的一款设计绘图工具,Affinity Designer 是精准的矢量插画工具,这是目前平面设计市来说最快的,流畅的,最精确的矢量图形设计软件,每个单一的设计任务和能力巧妙设计无需切换应用程序的核心,这个新面孔多学科插画让创意闪耀,非常强大的一款设计工具!

[Affinity Designer 在 Mac App Store上售价人民币258元]

Professional Graphic Design Software for Mac. Affinity Designer is the program accurate, smooth and fast vector graphic design market. Whether you’re working with graphics for creating advertising materials, web pages, icons, interface design or just for fun, creating fresh artistic concepts, Affinity Designer will revolutionize the way you work.

It takes advantage of technologies OS X and OpenGL, Grand Central Dispatch, Core Graphics and is fully optimized for 64-bit systems and multi-core processors to squeeze every bit of performance available from your hardware- why, it’s really fast. You can use the zoom at 60 fps, move objects in the correct z-order and preview in real time all adjustments, brushes and effects as you work regardless of whether images of 100 megapixels or complex vector drawings with thousands of curves.

Experience the best PSD import engine market files – making it easy to collaborate with other creative professionals. Along with support for PSD, PDF, SVG, AI (PDF Stream), Freehand and EPS files, you get all the flexibility you need so if you switch to Affinity Designer for all your work or just for special occasions, it will be a task that does not require any effort.

Compatibility with professional color model, channel editing 16 – bit pixel preview real – time imaging sectors, masks, adjustment layers and compatibility with graphics tablets, Affinity Designer is a serious tool for creative professionals.



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