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NXPowerLite Desktop 8.0.7 破解版 – 文档压缩工具


NXPowerLite将压缩PDF,JPEG,Microsoft PowerPoint和Word文件,简单有效,同时很容易作为电子邮件附件。

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NXPowerLite compress PDF, JPEG, Microsoft PowerPoint and Word simply and effectively, making it easy to send as attachments files. It is especially effective on files that do not compress well.

Finder shortcuts

If you plan to send your files via email, we’ve made it even easier. You can optimize and automatically attach them to a new email by selecting the files and clicking “Optimize and email” in the browser menu.

Smaller files in the same format

Optimized files remain in the same format, p. JPG still a JPG. You will look and feel identical to the original, only smaller more.

How does it work

Large PDF files, Microsoft PowerPoint and Word often contain many high – resolution images and background data unnecessary for normal use of the file. By eliminating these data and unnecessary excess bytes of internal graphics and independent JPEG, NXPowerLite radically reduces the files to their smaller size without compromising quality.

A key for Mac or Windows

are fans to keep things simple, so we designed the keys to NXPowerLite work on the Mac or Windows version. So if you change your platform, you do not have to re-purchase your software.

It also means that if you are buying multiple licenses user need not say how many of each platform you want in advance.








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