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Elimisoft Duplicate Finder 1.1 破解版 – 好用的重复文件清理软件


Elimisoft Duplicate Finder是mac平台上一款非常好用的重复文件清理软件,能够帮助用户找到电脑里的所有重复项文件,包括照片、视频、文档等等,并支持一键删除所有多余的重复文件,释放更多的磁盘空间。而且duplicate finder破解版支持智能自动检查具有不同类别的重复文件,按大小,名称,计数和类型对重复项进行排序,也可以手动的按关键字搜索文件,直接查找您想知道的文件。

Removal software quickly and efficiently duplicate (macOS Mojave Ready!)

Excellent application to find duplicate files on your Mac, and allow delete them to free up more disk space with a single click will make your Mac run faster!

Delete Duplicate Finder Duplicate Junks with Elimisoft

In the process of daily use, you can produce many spam files duplicates to make your Mac run more and more slowly. The Elimisoft duplicate finder can help you quickly and efficiently find all duplicates on your Mac, allowing eliminate to free up more disk space with a single click will make your Mac run faster!

Scan any file anywhere

fast and accurate detection of duplicate files using the algorithm MD5 checksum.

Duplicate scan anywhere, whether one or more folders on internal and external hard drives, and also supports scanning photos or duplicates in iTunes.

Check duplicate gracefully

Show duplicates in the list view or detailed preview files.

Intelligently select automatically duplicate files and you can choose to delete the newer or older files.

Check with different categories duplicate files, duplicate order by size, name, count and locate the file type and keywords.

One click to remove duplicate

Select automatically duplicates and remove them with one click.

Show the overall size and number of files that are deleted in real time according to duplicate you select.

Eliminate duplicates in the Trash, while allowing you to recover deleted files from the Trash when the files were deleted incorrectly.








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