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Tower 3.3.0 破解版 – 优秀的Git客户端


Tower Git 是一款Mac上Git客户端,Git是目前最流行的版本管理工具之一,Tower Git具有强大的Git资源库管理、版本控制、分支管理等等,已被很多知名公司使用,并且能够和Xcode、GitHub、Beanstalk、BBEdit等软件无缝结合使用,是 Mac 上最优秀的Git客户端之一。

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Tower: The new GIT client for OS X
Tower is an application for OS X that lets you manage your Git repositories visually and today just presented Tower 2, with many new features and a complete change in the application. If you use version control in your projects and are looking for good customer Git for Mac, Tower 2 is the best you can use and this new version is well worth.

new features The all – new tower Best Git client with many new features like Pull Requests, Interactive rebasing and Quick Actions. Extraction applications Create, fuses, closes said extraction and inspects applications directly from Tower! Integrated into our interface clear, responsive and powerful desktop applications extraction become much more useful. Quick Actions The new Quick Actions dialog gives you superpowers: give it a name branch and will offer a way out. Give a file name and present the history file. Give confirmation hash and display it on the record confirmation. Quick as a flash, easy as pie. interactive rebase Interactive rebasing is an incredibly powerful tool, but also rather unpleasant to use. But now, in Tower, it has become as easy as drag and drop! Navigation We have added many new levels of detail in the new tower. And while surfing Tower is now as simple as surfing the web: the new buttons “back” and “forward” and “Navigation bar” improved. Confirm details have redesigned many areas in the new tower. Take for example the new view “Confirm details” with all updates to the left and plenty of space for the difference right, you can inspect and review confirmation in a more focused manner. reflog A little known feature, but with enormous power: reflog can restore lost commits or branches, reverted back to a state, break a pick-up or commit … and is now available in Tower! Image Diffing Tower is much more than just code. An example is the new feature “Blurring image” see exactly how they have changed their PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, JPEG2000 and HEIC files, just inside Tower. File fault history and have redesigned the views “File History” and “blame” from scratch. They have become much more useful and informative. Try it yourself! Search for The search functionality in the new tower has become much more powerful. You can now search files almost anywhere: in the working copy, in a historical file tree, or even within the set of changes confirmation.









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