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Paintcode 3.4.5 破解版 – iOS矢量绘图编程软件


PaintCode是一款Mac上的iOS矢量绘图编程软件,无论是程序员还是设计师,PaintCode能够让你像在PS中画图一样绘制各种UI图形,PaintCode会自动帮你生成针对Mac OS X或iOS平台Objective-C或C#代码,能够节约大量的编程时间,支持将代码直接导入到Xcode中或导出为PSD文件,支持最新的 iOS 和 iWatch SDK,非常的实用!

PaintCode is a vector drawing application that instantly generates the drawing code Objective-C or C #. With PaintCode you can create an application that is truly independent of resolution, using code (instead of a large number of picture elements) to draw a user interface.

– Stylekit: Change the design of your application within seconds. With StyleKits, the integration of the generated code into your application is extremely easy. StyleKit is a special kind of Objective-C or C # containing all designs, colors, gradients, shadows and other assets. StyleKit can be exported to PaintCode with just a single click, making the design process-tweaking crazy fast.

– Variables and expressions: you Want to draw a button with multiple states? ¿Circular progress bar? ¿Animated robotic arm? ¿Control user interface never seen before? The creation of these complex dynamic drawings is usually time consuming. Not now. Variables and expressions of PaintCode allow you to create dynamic and parametric drawings with immediate visual feedback.

– Multi-Canvas, tabbed Workspace (new): Use multiple images drawing on several tabs. Each canvas becomes a drawing method in the generated code StyleKit.

– Better Tools (new): Enjoy rotation and scaling originating user, powerful tools Bezier editing, intelligent and personalized guides, precise Boolean operations, export and bulk import, library hierarchical colors, vertical text alignment, better defined text editing, improved zoom tool, outline mode and many more features.

– Dynamic Colors: reuses the same color multiple times in your document. Derive a new color of an existing color, forming a permanent relationship. Change the base color will also change all colors derived. This unique feature means you can base the entire color scheme of your application in a single color, you can easily adjust anytime.

– Dynamic forms: Define how your complex drawings behave when resizing. Draw a resizable button and retrieve drawing code to draw the button to any size.

– Import PSD and SVG: Import PaintCode SVG documents, transforming them into drawing code Objective-C or C #. You can also import graphics layers, paths, texts and groups of Adobe Photoshop documents.









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