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Kite Composer 1.9.8 破解版 – MacOS和iOS动效软件


Kite Compositor是一款MacOS和iOS动效软件,和principle一样,功能比principle多些。

这款Kite Compositor不光可以完美的构建MacOS和iOS动画和原型,也直观地拖放图层来创建复杂的界面所见即所得的画布。添加动画和使用集成的时间表配置它们。使用JavaScript脚本的建筑环境,以提高每个交互的细节。启用自定义逻辑和行为,以达到你需要的更多。

A powerful animation application and prototyping for Mac …

Features Kite is full of amazing tools and features to help you take user interfaces to life quickly. Rerouting With the pen tool, you can edit the animation paths and shape layers directly on the canvas. Presentation view Present your design in full – screen playback mode of presentation. Or, choose your own size display window while iterating. Customize the background color and transparency of the playback window for a custom look. Adaptive Interface A simple and powerful interface to suit your needs and the task at hand. Touch support bar Scrub through your animation, change tools, play and pause the timeline – all without the mouse. Schedule The time line intelligent integrated editing lets you drag and durations of animation and keyframes. Adjust the start and end of the animation to get a feel accurate and manually tuned. Inspector A robust and powerful object inspector lets you edit all the properties of the layers in just a few clicks. Set colors, adjust the animation curves, add Core Image filters, all at the click of a mouse. Library Drag and drop layers and animations from the library to create your interface visually. Keep reusable hierarchies layers in your library for easy reuse of components. eg “My button” Import from sketch Easily import your designs from import feature native Sketch With Kite. Keep routes and editable text layers bezier importing your sketch as native Kite layers. Scriptable Add a sophisticated logic to your animations and interactions via javascript embedded scripting engine. Consultation and make edits directly to your animation running from the javascript console built. Animations heat, add new layers, change properties and more. Built on Core Animation Kite was built from scratch for Mac using the Core Animation technology native MacOS. CoreAnimation is one of the key graphics technologies in Mac and iOS that produces stunning animations at high speeds.



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