Factory Town 工业小镇 2.1.8 破解版

Factory Town 工业小镇 2.1.8 破解版

工业小镇(Factory Town)》是Erik Asmussen制作并发行的一款最终以机器自动化为基础的模拟经营游戏




Factory Town 工业小镇 2.1.8 破解版
Factory Town 工业小镇 2.1.8 破解版
Factory Town 工业小镇 2.1.8 破解版



工业小镇(Factory Town)》是Erik Asmussen制作并发行的一款最终以机器自动化为基础的模拟经营游戏,游戏采用写实的风格打造,简陋而不简单的画面精细的将各种建筑打造的一目了然,当您的城镇足够繁华时你能够看见非常壮观的场景。游戏中包含了采集、制造、供应链以及传送带等元素,玩法可以说是非常的丰富。在游戏中你将拥有一座小镇,在小镇中有几名工人,你能够在荒原中建立、拓展、自动化你理想中的工业小镇,开始只有少数工人,收集必要的资源,建造多种多样的生产建筑,为你的小镇提供有价值的产品。然后你需要研究新技术来提高效益,利用巧妙的规划和管理,将你的小镇建设成繁华的工业集群,最终在小镇中实现工业自动化的目标。游戏不管是在画面还是在玩法方面都非常的适合喜欢采集建造类游戏的玩家体验。
Factory Town is a construction simulator game where you will recreate your own settlement from scratch, taking control of all aspects of its activities.
A desert area opens before you, where in the future there will be a multifunctional city. Create your business the way you want - there are no restrictions on this, but always take into account the comfort and tranquility of your residents.
You will be involved in automation and optimization of any kind of activity, including infrastructure and the supply of useful materials using railways or water. To begin with, you are given several workers who need to be assigned to extract resources so that you have something to build the first buildings from. You will do your best to supply the settlement with valuable goods necessary for comfortable life.
Expand the scale of the city to become the most multifunctional settlement. Study the latest technologies and try to properly implement them into your creations. It is these technologies that will significantly increase the efficiency of city development, which will bring you additional bonuses and more time to develop your imagination. Plan your actions carefully to avoid mistakes that could lead to unexpected consequences.