Dynamic Wallpaper 18.1 破解版 – 视频动态壁纸

Dynamic Wallpaper 18.1 破解版 – 视频动态壁纸

Dynamic Wallpaper Engine 是一款适用于 Mac 电脑的视频动态壁纸, 告别单调的静态壁纸,拥抱活泼的动态壁纸




Dynamic Wallpaper 18.1 破解版 – 视频动态壁纸
Dynamic Wallpaper 18.1 破解版 – 视频动态壁纸
Dynamic Wallpaper 18.1 破解版 – 视频动态壁纸

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Dynamic Wallpaper Engine 是一款适用于 Mac 电脑的视频动态壁纸, 告别单调的静态壁纸,拥抱活泼的动态壁纸。内置在线视频素材库,一键下载应用,也可导入本地视频,同时可以将视频设置为您的电脑屏保。
Dynamic Wallpaper Engine is a video wallpaper for Mac computers collected by Mark Meow, which is a good way to say goodbye to monotonous static wallpapers and embrace lively dynamic wallpapers. You can also import local videos and set them as your screensaver.
900+ exquisite video clips, continuously updated, you don’t have to spend time looking for clips.
Video clip categories: 4K ultra-HD, cartoon animation, nature and humanities, cute and cute, game world, creative video, beautiful and beautiful, ancient style, film and star, etc., there is always a style that suits you.
Support “keyword search”, search for your favorite dynamic wallpaper.
Support “add playlist”, single loop, list loop, random play mode.
Support timer switch, automatically switch dynamic wallpaper every half hour/one hour/daily.
Support dynamic screensaver, personalized lock screen, full of force.
Import local video with one click, convenient and fast.
Support multiple screen aspect ratios and original resolutions.
Support multiple monitors, different dynamic wallpapers for different monitors.
Enable smart control, automatically pause when using other apps, work without being disturbed.
Automatically pause when the power is not connected to the power supply to save power.
Support hide desktop icons, immersive experience.
Zero App learning cost, simple interaction, and the pursuit of the best experience.
Dynamic Wallpaper aims to provide a fun experience while taking up as little system resources as possible.